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What is it:

Parasite is a small blog CMS written with PHP's PEAR::DB.


My other blog is usually running the bleeding-edge version of Parasite, so you can see all of the reader-side features (like searching, etc) there.

I don't have a demo of the admin interface, so you'll have to settle for screenshots

Bug Reports/Feature Requests

Don't use this software. It's old and full of holes.


Requires: A browser that supports cookies,
PHP 4.1+ (with magic_quotes_gpc turned ON)
MySQL or a PEAR::DB supported database
Spell checking requires Aspell

Current version: Parasite v1.0.2


Download and expand the tarball. Read the README file.

Known Bugs

Opera is not (and will not be) supported for anything other than reading a Parasite site. Parasite has only been tested with MySQL on Debian GNU/Linux, YMMV.


Version 1.0.1 --> 1.0.2 06/16/03

Version 1.0 --> 1.0.1 05/22/03

Version 0.0 --> 1.0 05/10/03

Older changes

Parasite uses Simon Willison's SpellChecker class, Keith Devens' XMLRPC class. Parasite also uses icons created by Jimmac. Many thanks to those authors for releasing their work as Free Software.

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