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Tuesday Sep 21 1:01pm 2004
by Deadman

Introducing the external interface to DMR8's bookmarks. It's subject to change, of course. As you might expect, it's also completely customizable. The current look was obviously inspired by my APB install. It uses (at the time of this writing) a view (template) like this.

Child groups of the current group are sorted alphabetically. Grandchild groups of the current group are sorted by the number of bookmarks they contain.

This version of the script has been configured to only show my user's bookmarks. An alternate configuration (for multi-user installations of the script) allows the username to be appended to the script so that /bookmarks/ becomes /bookmarks/deadman/ or /bookmarks/sam/ or whatever. I haven't decided what to display when a visitor hits /bookmarks/ when the script is in this multi-user configuration.

No part of DMR8 cares where it is in your web tree. It'll work off of /. It'll work in ~youruser. At no point do you need to tell it its location in the web tree or the filesystem.

XML feeds are provided on a per-group basis. This lends itself quite well to blogmarking as you simply track your own RSS/ATOM feed. I must confess that the XBEL stuff is just a "best guess" at this point. I can find no XBEL validator and since Galeon seemed to import some examples without trouble, I called it good. The XBEL feed creator does not currently support XBEL's one bookmark in multiple groups feature. It's planned, but is a low priority.

The livesearch thing is a bit flakey sometimes, but I still love it. I've modified livesearch.js to allow the location of the search engine to be specified in the javascript call. This was done to help DMR not care where it is. I'm not a javascript person, so I probably did a lousy job. Feel free to submit a patch!

I plan to implement a caching feature that I'm calling MyCopy. When a user creates a new bookmark, they'll have the option of caching a local copy of the data to which the bookmark points. My intention is that the local copy will be complete, including external javascript and css files, sans images. That's my intention, anyway, but as I once heard a girl say, "you never know what can concur[sic]!"


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