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Say Bye Bye
Wednesday Jul 16 6:53pm 2008
by Deadman

Hidey Ho neighborinos!

Even bad things come to an end. This is it. Please unsubscribe to any feeds at this site you might be subscribed to.

If you just can't get enough, I'm moving everything (well almost everything... the stuff people seem to read) here.


Mouseless Pasting in Sawfish
Thursday Jun 2 7:40am 2005
by Deadman

I still use sawfish and I hope it never ever goes away. I love it. Here's a great example of why I love it.

I hate the mouse, so I wanted to have an equivalent of xterm's ctrl-ins (clipboard paste) in every window. mmc on irc.freenode.net's #sawfish channel was kind enough to whip this up for me:

(require 'sawfish.wm.util.selection)
(define (send-string-to-window s w)
  (let ((i 0))
    (while (< i (length s))
           (let* ((ch (substring s i (setq i (1+ i))))
                  (e (cond ((equal ch "\n") "RET")
                           (t ch))))
             (synthesize-event e w)))))
(defun send-selection (window)
  (interactive "%W")
    (x-get-selection 'PRIMARY) window))

Just put that in ~/.sawfish/rc (or ~/.sawfishrc if you already have one,) restart sawfish and edit your bindings. You'll see a new action called send-selection that you can bind to whatever key you want. I chose ctrl-; because it seemed unlikely that any app would use that binding already.

Eyecandy and Xclip
Friday Mar 25 8:15am 2005
by Deadman

While it's something that I'd personally never use, there's some pretty kick-ass eye-candy in development over at RedHat. The movies are pretty impressive.

Another utility that I assume everyone knows about is Xclip. Xclip provides a command line (think std in/out) interface to the X11 clipboard. It's amazingly handy and works over X11 forwarding SSH. There are even Debian packages, so stop reading and go get it!

XtermControl in ATerm
Tuesday Apr 13 5:25am 2004
by Deadman

Glenn pointed out that if you add the '-tn xterm' argument to ATerm it changes the TERM variable to 'xterm' when then allows one to use the kickass XtermControl.

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